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Research Paper Review/Edit

Research paper needs to follow a particular pattern in order to get it published by journal. We at potential loops Research provide you with services that can match your requirement and can make your work easier, formatting your research paper is the last obstacle in research program. No matter how good your research paper has been written, but lack of appropriate format may
cause chances to lose its value. Precise formatting is reflected in the well-set down paragraphs of your document with every one of the pieces fitting together perfectly.

Plagiarism Correction

Plagiarism refers the usage of words or ideas of another as your own. If you read about some idea in some book by someone and use it in your work stating that idea is yours, it is plagiarism. If you acknowledge that someone whose idea it was while putting it down in your work, it is a citation.

Quoting another example of plagiarism, if you come across someone who has written about a topic that you’re also attempting to write on and use his/her ideas on that topic as your own idea in your own paper, it is plagiarism. Here again, if you are acknowledging the source, it is merely a citation.

We offer Plagiarism correction services for Masters Dissertation, PhD thesis, Medical research writing for journal publications, conference papers, seminars and exam notes ensures the plagiarism % is less than or equal to 10%. You can just contact us for quality services, our experts will take care of complete work from formatting/referencing to plagiarism correction