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SPSS Course

Our Course’s Objective
In today’s scenario Data analytics has gained interest. There is a huge demand for data scientists
and data analysts, as many governmental and private organizations, firms and even in the academic field are deprived of qualified analysts to manage, identify and gather the necessary data and develop a necessary solutions via analysis. Its significance can be attributed towards their impact in financial and monetary approach towards marketing strategies, businesses and industries and try to simulate the necessary trend of an organization’s progress based on the data gathered.
Earlier, the organization /industrial approach in data analytics was carried out by a team of elite
statistical data analysts, but nowadays we have software tools whose main function involves in
high-speed data analytics along with modeling and visualization of data. These tools intend to
reduce our processing time and helps in identifying, resolving and devising an effective strategy
as it carries intensive data simulations. These tools became a boon for growing entrepreneurs in
making a wise decision. Keeping all these in mind, our course has developed with an objective to
equip our researchers, academicians, students and corporate associates with a sound knowledge
in data analysis and aid them to kick start their career as a successful data analysts by mentoring
them with in-depth knowledge in utilizing IBM SPSS tools, which is one of the universally well
renowned statistical software used for data analysis under industrial standards till date.
Training/Course’s Outcomes 
With completion of the course, the participants will have a thorough knowledge and confidence
to work independently with the software tools in gathering, sorting and analyzing the data of
his/her research area of interest. We have an extensive syllabus covering almost every major
elements and concepts that are being employed under industrial standards.
One of the notable attributes of the course is that the trainer will infuse practical knowledge. It
will be a direct one on one session with your mentor. This way, it will build your credence
towards real time application of the software.
Teaching pattern
The mentoring approach is quite unique as it aids for the participants in learning the essential
statistical skills and manual thinking under statistical perspective as our course will try to
enhance the participants to be well aware of all the options that are available in the SPSS
processors, starting from One-way ANOVA, interpretation and reporting F-ratio properly and so
forth as we delve deeper into complex statistical interpretations techniques.
Target Audience
We are eagerly interested in providing our mentoring services for graduates, Masters and
Doctoral level candidates, academicians, teachers, researchers (market researchers), corporate
associates and professionals. We assure that our training program will improve your data analytic
skills and knowledge. This will be a golden opportunity for the participants to reach their next
step in their profession.