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                                       Statistics has gained much importance recently. It is the science of gathering, analyzing and inferring the data and also one of the largest branches in mathematics, which has become a much needed subject of interest which diverges in various fields as it can be considered as an essential approach for organizing, summarizing as well as analyzing the data efficiently. Over the years, many statistical tools are developed which helps in minimizing the time required for analysis and data interpretation processes. In today’s trend it is mandatory for the researchers to statistically represent his research works as it accentuates and supports his/her research work and hypotheses and most importantly it provides the credibility over the methodology employed by the researcher.

We at Researchinkscripts provide a well-rounded SEM and SPSS implementation services for statistical analysis of your research work. SEM abbreviated as Structural Equation Modeling is considered as an essential for determining the fitness of the model and also builds the relationship between the variables. Using SEM, the researcher could develop multiple regression equations at simultaneous fashion. We also provide analysis in performing complex relationships such as time series analysis and confirmatory factor analysis via SEM application. Similarly SPSS tools is one of the most trusted statistical software tools which has been used extensively by the researchers for statistical analysis. For performing statistical analysis, one must require an excellent knowledge with regards to the statistical interpretation of the variables. This became one of the demanding and challenging tasks for the researchers to implement SPSS and similar statistical software tools in their research work. Apart from utilization of the software, it requires a keen statistical skillset and knowledge to carry out further and also consumes more time for completion. If you want our guidance in regards with implementation services involving statistical software such as SEM and SPSS, we are ready to guide you. We have qualified and experienced professional statisticians who have an extensive knowledge on statistical software tools and have a well-rounded experience on implementation of statistics in various academic disciplines, which ensures in efficient service and timely delivery of your research implementation.

We Guarantee

  •  A thorough and descriptive work flow/algorithm regarding the implementation work
  • Maintaining confidentiality and credentials during our services
  • Customizing the work to meet up with client’s requirements
  • Delivering results which satisfies both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the research work