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Synopsis Writing

Developing a thesis synopsis or proposal is usually the first step toward proceeding on your research. A good  proposal can get you admitted in certain universities for your PhD program. While writing a synopsis is important, it is also necessary to plan your writing. You must be very clear about the objective of your proposed study, as well as the methods and study design you will follow to achieve that objective. It is highly essential that you develop it using persuasive language so your supervisors may understand your proposed idea and the way you would proceed on it.Features of Our Synopsis Writing Service Considering the above aspects, it becomes essential for you to concentrate on the development of an effective thesis proposal or synopsis. At PhD Thesis, we help you to write a synopsis that possesses the capability of getting your proposed research approved by your university supervisors. Moreover, our technical writers make this task simpler for you, as they are fully aware of the common university criteria for developing a study synopsis.


Synopsis Format: During synopsis writing, we make sure that all your university’s writing style and format guidelines are followed. We not only ensure to follow the synopsis structure recommended by your university, but also comply with the custom writing style or format, as stated by your academic institution. Whether it is the APA, IEEE , MLA, Harvard or any other format, we go according to your guidelines. We follow the required format throughout the synopsis document, as well as for citation purposes.

Detailed design: We ensure that all the required elements of a thesis synopsis are kept intact in a precise manner. We start by giving a proper introduction to your proposed study and review the relevant literature in these sections. Our writers gather all your inputs before giving a brief on your proposed study methodology, as well as the likely outcomes and limitations of your PhD research work.

Technical and Zero error: Our academic writers are detail oriented and ensure to create a well-readable synopsis that eliminates the chances of its rejection. Thus, they ensure to check your synopsis repeatedly to eliminate every single error of language or format that may exist in the document. They check the grammar, spellings, punctuation’s, styles, and the overall use of language in your work. We only deliver a zero-language/format error document to you.While it is important to highlight the likely contributions and importance of your proposed work, it is equally essential not to hide any weaknesses or limitations of your proposed study.